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The known unbreakable encryption used by governments for decades now on steroids!

As known, the used characters with OTP are limited to the alphabet A to Z, with otpXtreme we uplifted the system to modern times, we use the full ANSI table of 65.536 characters. Imagine, a word of only 5 characters produces 11.881,376 combinations, ALICE = 26X26X26X26X26… Now, in the case of otpXtreme, this becomes 65.536X 65.536X 65.536X 65.536X 65.536, that makes 1.208.925.819.614.629.174.706,176 possible combinations, keep in mind, this is only 5 characters!
On top of that we use a special protocol to scramble the outcome and an extra layer that mimics readable text to confuse scanners of intelligence and or spy services.
We opted not to store and send & receive in the application due to obvious security reasons, you can use any means to deliver the outcome to the recipient, mail, sms, text document, hidden in picture, cd, usb stick, etc…


Are You Ready To Reclaim Your Privacy?

The Most Powerful Encryption Software In The World

For centuries, cryptography was the domain of armies and diplomatic corps. Now it has a second purpose: protecting personal and corporate privacy. Computer technology and advanced telecommunications equipment have drawn precious business information and intimate personal communications out into the open. This phenomenon is well known to the current Prince of Wales, whose intimate cellular phone conversations were intercepted, recorded and broadcast worldwide. And corporations realize that competitors can easily intercept their telephone conversations, electronic messages and faxes. High tech has created a huge privacy gap. But miraculously, a fix has emerged: cheap, easy-to-use, unbreakable encryption. Cryptography is the silver bullet by which we can reclaim our privacy.

Let’s be honest, would you like it if someone would read you letters?
Are you comfortable with people around you listening when you have a phone call?
Would you like it if someone in your home looking at the bills, your purchases etc.?
Most of us have nothing to hide but some things we like to keep private, isn’t it?

Then we have another important question: Would you like it if someone reads your incoming or outgoing mail?
We are sure that your answer will be NO
We have the solution for that:

Panicroom Crypto Mail Or The PCM System, the answer to the privacy attacks, for Mac and Windows.

This is probably the most secure E-mail Encryption System available on the world market.

We use top secure algorithms not comparable to all the other Encryption Systems, in other words, this is unbreakable.

We are so confident of our claim that we openly release a encrypted file to the public with the statement “Please try to crack this”.
No doubt that the intelligence services will jump on this with quantum computers to know what kind of encryption this is because it’s not based on algorithms approved by them and used by practical all commercial encryption applications on the market. The famous file to crack can be found here: (right click to download) TTH.txt

Our system is not dependable on the NIST/NSA approved algorithms where the P and Q seeds are known, so they are predictable for them. See the second part of our presentation video for further info about that subject.


No encryption or storage of key’s on servers where decryption is possible or where a backdoor is installed by intelligence sevices . No special and expensive hardware needed, this is a Stand Alone application where all the magic happens. Works with all pop and imap accounts and online mail services like Gmail, Outlook etc… but for obvious reasons your own domain would be safer.
Supports languages like Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, Russian, Hindi Etc…

As Businesses rely increasingly on electronic mail to correspond with co-workers, colleagues and their customers, more sensitive and confidential information is transferred over Internet, and the need for email privacy becomes omnipresent. This is especially true with the high volume of businesses sending invoices as file attachments as well as other personal documents. Now more than ever, encryption is the only solution to protect email correspondence from prying eyes.

Perfect for both personal and business use, PCM is an easy-to-use client for secure communication.

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